A creative exploration into the presentation of cancer in memoirs and twenty-first century fiction

This research report looked into contemporary presentations of illness in literature, and received a first-class result.

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Learning is not an island, and neither is the technology that supports it

Bring Your Own Device initiatives are considered one of the biggest accelerators of digital transformation for businesses, especially for learning technology. Despite this, sceptics still argue that people won’t use their own devices for work, but has anyone actually ever asked their people?

This report published by StoryShare includes the results of original research and contributions from Europe’s #1 HR Industry Analyst Fosway Group.

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No going back: How video is changing internal communications for good

What are the benefits of video, and how can media transform the way your company runs?

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Virtual Reality Series: Experience Danger From the Safety of Your Office

Published by The Huffington Post UK, this collection of articles explores use cases of Virtual Reality technologies for businesses. 

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VR Series -

Samsung Gears

up for the future

Written for video enterprise technology company 27partners, this article looks at Samsung technologies. 

A study into Auricular Acupuncture 

Looking at the health benefits of acupuncture based on first-hand experiences. Originally published in Restless Magazine. 

The 1 simple way

to engage your employees in the digital age

Written while working in the Marketing department at StoryShare, this article looks at internal comms in the digital age.

How to reduce workplace stress with streamlined digital systems

This article recommends 

some digital tricks to reduce stress at work to help employees and reduce stress.